Addictions of a Writer

This is probably the first post that I’m not actually talking specifically about writing, but I’ve found that my posts aren’t as personal as I initially intended them to be. Well, now I’m going to share a little of myself with everyone. Hopefully, I don’t send anyone running toward the unfollow button, but instead keep everyone interested and entertained enough that they decide to make a list like this of their own. Now, onward to the list.

photo (2)

    These are supposedly mental and dietary supplement drinks, which come in six flavors ranging from focus to sleep. Yes. Focus to Sleep. The Neuro drink line supposedly is supposed to stimulate your brain to react in different ways by adding specific vitamins to your diet. It’s very hippy-dippy, and they have a very conveniently placed FDA warning, which lets me know that none of their statements have been tested. Whether they work or not, I adore these drinks, and I think I have mentally made my body believe they work. I have a Neuro Passion before I write, I have a Neuro Focus while I’m at work, I have a Neuro Bliss to unwind when I get home, and I have Neuro Sleep when I’m about to go to bed. It’s sad, I know, but they’re awesome. Chances are they’re laced with cocaine and will be removed from store shelves soon. Then, commercials advertising law firms will start coming on letting me know that I, “may be entitled to damages.” But hey! Maybe I’ll have another addiction to talk about later!
    I know I’m not alone in this. Since a majority of my time is spent on the computer typing, editing, or procrastinating, I also tend to drift over to my Amazon account. Something about adding things to my cart is disgustingly satisfying – even if I don’t buy the items. But when I do, it’s awesome. I love waiting for the packages, opening them, and then adding the books to my bookshelves and reading them later. I have an obsession with collecting books, and I have a terrible need to finish a series – whether I like it or not.
    I’ve talked about this briefly already, but, like most of you out there probably reading this, I love books. I read them, I write them, and I want to own them. If I’ve ever read a book that I even partially like, I own it. Even if I have a copy on Kindle/Nook/etc. I will buy a paper copy for my collection. I have 104 books as of right now, and I plan on getting more by Christmas, so this number will certainly grow.
    When I initially started the publication process for HUMANS AND THEIR CREATIONS, I made a point to make a spreadsheet. I had a spreadsheet for each story, with columns for “Draft One Completion,” “Editing Completion,” “Formatting,” “Kindle Formatting,” and “Word Count.” I also have lists for my book collection. I have every book title in a column, which to also connected to the book series column (if applicable), all organized by author last name. Then, I have a column for whether I’ve finished the book or not, if I have it borrowed out to anyone and what their name is. I probably sound like a complete control freak by now, but I promise I’m a lot more laid back than this. I just love lists. A lot. Moving on.
    I am a little embarrassed admitting this, but I love PewDiePie. He’s a Swedish let’s player on YouTube. He’s crazy, immature, inappropriate, and I love it. I watch his videos on a daily basis, and especially if I’ve had a rough day at work. I’ve been a fan from the beginning, and I probably will be until the end.

These are random and very personal. I blush at the thought that people will be reading this, but I wanted to share a bit of myself with everyone, so here ya go. Now, I ask, what are you willing to share with me? What are some of your addictions? Whether you’re a writer on not, let me know! Make a list and ping back so I can see it!

And, as always, thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Addictions of a Writer

  1. Take heart Lissy, I have been making lists for ever, and have about one third of our books catalogued on spreadsheets – my husband is a much greater collector than me. Total books so far 1055! You’ve a long way to go yet!


  2. I know just what you mean about book collections. Take my fate as an awful warning – I’ve been collecting for over 30 years – mine runs to 3000+. There isn’t enough shelf space…


    • Coffee used to be my number one, but then I tried neuro. It’s not for everyone. I know people who wouldn’t drink it if they were dying, but something about them hooked me.

      Spreadsheets, FTW!


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