My Favorite YouTubers

This is a random post, but to get to know me, you have to know a little bit more about my past. Around 2007-2008, I joined the up and coming platform: YouTube. At the same time, I was getting into the anime Naruto, which came out around the same time and started my anime/fanfic obsession in middle school. I made a profile, got up to 650 subscribers because of my “Naruto Chat Rooms,” which I would make using Windows Movie Maker (the old one). Then, drama started happening and I deleted my profile. Just to give you guys an idea at how long ago this was, YouTube still had FORUMS, JOURNALS, AND CHAT ROOMS inside of it, and it wasn’t part of Google, but I digress.

After my initial departure from the Tubez, I stopped making videos, up until a year ago when Let’s Plays became the thing to do, and as most of you know, I once titled myself as a hardcore gamer, so this was right up my alley. I got editing software, a webcam, in-game recording software, and even made opening titles and closing credits. I made about 15 videos, got up to about 30 subscribers, then closed my account again because I just got too busy doing other things. Plus, I had stopped playing games, so I wasn’t really up to snuff anymore, which was just plain depressing.

But to sate my weary gamer soul, I now watch Let’s Players on YT. Sad, I know, but it helps me keep my gamer habit at bay so I can write. I’d much rather waste about 30 minutes on a few gamer videos than about 15 hours playing a game, which would chop my writing time into bits. I don’t know how many of you have heard of Let’s Players or have seen any, but here are some of the few I watch, mixed in with some of my other favorite peeps on the interwebz. Please, enjoy!

    He was actually a part of my confessions post not too long ago, but he is beyond one of my favorite YouTubers, not to mention he is the most subscribed YTer there is right now (currently writing this on 9/18/13, so don’t quote me on that). He was the one who got me into Let’s Plays, and I enjoyed doing them for the time I got to. He’s not for everyone, though. He has just as many haters as he does fans, but that just comes with the territory, I suppose. He’s immature, loud, crazy, and Swedish. I love every bit of it.
    My boyfriend actually introduced me to Angry Joe, and he’s the one who inspired my boyfriend to want to write/record game reviews. AJ is funny, but he can be a bit over the top, and you can tell that a lot of his stuff is scripted/well-practiced, but he is good at what he does. You can tell he loves games and has a passion for reviewing them, even if it means having to put a bad score on a gaming franchise he loves. You can always expect honesty from that guy, and I have to respect him for that. Even more so if he can make me laugh in the process.
  3. PENGUINZ0 (Crit1kal)
    Despite what everyone says about Morgan Freeman having the voice of God, this man is how I imagine God sounding. He’s hilarious, intelligent, and one of the wittiest gamers on YouTube. I respect this guy and I love his videos. He doesn’t upload often, but when he does, you better believe I’m watching that video. Definitely a part of my top 5 accounts on YouTube. He also doesn’t show his face, which is something I respect when it comes to YouTubers. So many are trying to get recognition, but he just does what he does because he loves it. Props to him.
    This guy is pretty much PewDiePie, but without the accent. I’m not saying he’s copying him, but that’s who he reminds me of 95% of the time. I like him though because he has a much calmer demeanor than PewDiePie. He does freak out and he can be loud/random, but he is also very analytical and will actually immerse himself in the game to the point where he goes silent. PDP doesn’t always follow the story of a game, while Ken does a bit more. I don’t watch him as much as PDP, but I can enjoy a good chunk of his videos.
    He also has a voice of God, and I absolutely love his “Cry Reads,” series, where he actually will go and find CreepyPastas and read them out loud. He’s very talented at voice acting and the way he frames the stories give me chills. I would love for him to read my works out loud someday, but for now, I am happy with him reading others’ work. He is a well-known Let’s Player and is much more serious about gaming than the previous Let’s Players. Depending on the game, he can be like PDP or Ken, but for the most part, he is a story-driven/gaming driven gamer, not so much the commentary. I love Cry, and he’s another one that doesn’t show his face. Kudos!
    This guy. This guy right here. He is the bee’s knees. He has a gaming channel, but I prefer his vlogs and Q+A’s. He is witty, quick on his feet, and the quality he puts into his videos is phenomenal. I love this guy. I don’t like his friend nearly as much, but ya know. He’s his best friend, so he does appear occasionally. He’s just hilarious. His brand of comedy is beyond my explanation. Just go check him out for yourself.
    I don’t like all of their content, as some of it is just too serious for me, but I do love their Rage Quit videos and I love their Animated Adventures (Gavin is my fave from that group, just btw). They pump out hours and hours of gaming content daily because it’s their job. They are literally one huge gaming company, so if you like to hear about all the conventions, technical sides of games, new releases, new gaming features/consoles, then they are your channel.
    I found him through the suggestions of the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures. He does the most adorable and funny animations I have ever seen. They all revolve around everyday life, and I love every bit of it. Just a fun little channel you may want to check out in your free time. There’s good stuff to be had, I’m telling you.

Alright, so this wasn’t in any particular order. I only used numbers so I could see how many I actually put down. Now, I tried to keep it as diverse as possible, but as you can tell, I have a thing for Let’s Players. BUT most of these accounts do more than gaming (i.e. Cry, CapnDesdes, RT, Domics, etc.). So, if you’re not into gaming, maybe you’ll like some of the other accounts or some of the other content they may provide. I’m definitely biased in this matter, but I believe all these accounts are worth a try. Now then, while I don’t expect a huge discussion from this post, I’ll ask anyway:

Do you have any favorite YouTubers? Any specific type of content you like to see? Do you make videos? What kind? If you were a YouTuber, what kind of content would you make and why? Let me know, and comment below!

Thanks for reading!


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