“You should put this on your blog!” Sigh…

I love my friends. I really and truly do, but for goodness sake, why do they always assume everything that is said or done is blog worthy? All of my friends and all of my family know I have a blog, but it’s moments like this that I wish I had kept it a secret. I don’t mean to sound “above everyone,” as that is not my intention, but I do spend a lot more time on the internet than most of the people I know. Why? Because as an indie writer, I am basically running a business 24/7. A lot of people would like to think writing and publishing is all just that, writing and publishing, but when you take on the role of the self-publisher it becomes something completely different. Not only are you the writer, but you’re the publisher, the marketer, the designer, etc.

I’m probably preaching to the choir, so I’ll get back on point. What I’m trying to say is that most of the people I know don’t blog or anything like that. Some key people, who I won’t name, see that I have a blog and automatically assume it’s a place where I just post every single thing that happens in my life. While I do post a good bit about my life on here, that doesn’t mean everything that happens to me is blog-worthy. Blog-worthy, to me, is when I have something to say. I am a writer by trade and I plan on telling stories for a living, but not everyone wants to hear about how I made a face at you from the window of my house. No one cares about the hole in my sock that makes a squeak noise when I walk on the hardwood floor. No one cares if I burnt toast and had bread for breakfast, instead.

I will, however, talk about how you tell me to blog about those things every. Single. Time. I see you. Why? How are those things any different than this post? Because it makes me angry. I feel strongly about this.

Passive aggressive? Yes.

Will anything come out of it? Probably not.

But do I feel better? Yes.

Then I accomplished what I set out to do, and that is what I want to blog about. Now, I want to ask you all some stuff. Do you have friends/family who insist you blog about them? How do you handle it? Do you blog about them to appease them? Or do you legitimately feel those stories are blog worthy? Let me know, and comment below!

Thanks for reading.


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