The Strangest Music to Write to

Today I had the strangest experience. I was writing a short story for my next short story anthology, just doing my daily thing when I realized what was playing in the background while I wrote.

Now, just a bit of background, I always write with music playing. I usually put on my writer playlist, but after upgrading my systems, I lost a good bit of my music, so I’ve resorted to playlists from the good ole days.

When I was intensely dedicated to the rap scene, if you can believe that.

But I found myself writing a story about a girl whose own self-reflections turn her into the ultimate masterpiece.

What was I writing to?

Hypnotized by Plies ft. Akon.

If you’re curious about what this song is or if you’ve just never heard it, here is a particularly “clean” part of the song. Just to give you a taste:


You got me so hypnotized, the way yo’ body rollin’ ’round and
Round, that booty keep bumpin’, titties just bouncin’, up and down

Yep. That’s the tamest lyric in the song. If you’d like to hear the rest, you can look it up really anywhere on the internet – it’s a fairly popular song, though the tamer version is probably easiest to find.

Regardless, it had me writing like mad, so maybe such vulgarity is what I needed. What strange songs have you written to before? Let me know, and comment below!

Thanks for reading.


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