What your desk says about you

As a writer, we all have our special place. The place we feel the most creative and inspired, the place where writing is as easy as breathing, and mine just happens to be my desk.

The Creative Space

The Creative Space

This is my desk. My laptop next to my notepad, a cereal bowl, a coke with my name on it, a TV, and if I had moved a few more inches back you’d see my PS4. Something about this area is just me. I’ve written all of my books at my desk, and what about you? What is your area of choice?

What does your area say about you? Let me know, and comment below! Pictures are always fun, too.

Thanks for reading.


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9 thoughts on “What your desk says about you

  1. Your desk is quite neat and looks like a fantastic area for great writing. Never imagined a T.V. on one’s desk but you make it work=)

    I have a desk in my bedroom where I sometimes write. There are paintings of the ocean hanging on the walls, and my children’s book in a frame, which give me inspiration while creating stories. I also like to take my laptop and write on the dining room table where I can gaze out of the window. I have a lovely view of mountains, lavishly green trees and a fiery, pink sky which blazes in the morning against a young sun.

    Great post! A writer’s desk is certainly one of the most important belongings of an author. Other than his/her laptop, creativity and unique mind=)


    • Thank you for the wonderful description! I also like that you added where you take your writing later… I tend to go from the desk to the floor. I’m not 100% sure why, but there you go.

      And the framed book? That’s wonderful. I love it. 🙂

      And I promise my desk is never that neat. I knew I would be taking a picture, so I had a small bout of the cleaning bug.


  2. The main thing my desk says about me is that I should dust more often. I HATE DUSTING! Next on the list would be organized chaos. I have bills, junk mail, blank checks, boxes of envelopes, assorted pens and pencils, lots of scrap paper (I’ll write on every inch of it until nothing else fits), a totally beat up thesaurus and dictionary, tissues for a constantly runny nose, staples, paper clips, a calculator, pencil sharpener, etc. etc; you get the picture. God help me if I have to find something quick.


    • I feel you on the dust. I love all your littler personal details. You go from the standard (pencil, paper, bills, etc.) to tissues. That’s awesome, and it sounds like a fun place to write.

      Now I need to go dust… but. Nah.


  3. I sit wherever I’m most comfortable since I write with pen and paper. The couch, bed, a cafe, the park etc… Every few days I’ll sit at my computer and type up all of my writing/revisions and print it out. Then it’s back to the couch for more writing.


    • I feel you with the pen and paper. All of drafts start on paper, move up to typewriter, then on the laptop for final revisions.

      Your “desk” is very, very mobile. You’re a writing traveler! I go from desk to floor… that’s how exciting I am.


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