An Austrian March

An Austrian March
by Alyssa Hubbard

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Rating: *****
“I’ve to say that I loved this book. I really liked how the author used her words to describe every little detail of how Klemens sees Dominik (physically and emotionally) and I liked how she really made their characters strong but, at the same time, very fragile: family can really do their number on their children and both Klemens and Dominik know it very well.”
-Goodreads Review

Rating: *****
“This book has left me sobbing and almost utterly speechless. It is by far one of the most astonishingly complex stories that I’ve ever read. I’m so moved and I know no matter how long I sit here and think I’ll never be able to express my true feelings in this review.”
-Goodreads Review

Genre: YA/Romance/LGBT

Published: June 20, 2014

About: Klemens Reinstadler is a passionate musician, with a focus on piano and violin. Music has been the focus of his life since his birth in Austria. To further his musical prowess, his parents allowed him to travel to the school of Julliard in America where his love of music flourished. Nearing the end of his junior year, the head of his department insists on an end of the year performance from Klemens, and the Austrian is beyond prepared to accept. That is, until the head insists he take on a German transfer student, with little knowledge of the English language, but with a well-known talent for singing. Klemens, suddenly pressured with the unknown prospects of a duet, a concert, and the mysterious Dominik Engel, must learn more than just how to play a new score. At the end of it all, music isn’t just about the notes.

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