Humans and Their Creations


Humans and Their Creations by Alyssa Hubbard Cover Art by Cover Bistro (Jessica Richardson)Humans and Their Creations
by Alyssa Hubbard
Cover Art by Cover Bistro (Jessica Richardson)

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Rating: *****
“I really enjoyed this collection of imaginative short stories… I thought the stories were very unique and different from most of what you read.”
– Goodreads Review

Rating: *****
“This book is absolutely wonderful. The handful of stories it contains had me hungry for more. My only complaint is that the book is so short – it’s less than 50 pages. I want more!”
– Amazon Review

Rating: *****
“New to smash, not new to writing. Perfect technical writing, and Exceptional imagery in this collection of shorts. A natural for sci fi / horror. I would like to read more full length work, to see how dialogue is handled, but have no doubt it would be equally well crafted. Assuming Alyssa Hubbard is teasing us and perhaps testing the water at smash (?) I expect to see a small (perhaps large) army of fans building up here. Allow me to be your first.”
– Smashwords Review

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Published: May 29, 2013 (Relaunch November 8, 2013)

About: A collection of short stories including: “The Protagonist,” “Basking in the Glow,” “The Children of Klimt,” “The Watchers,” “Speaker of the Forest,” “The Wolf,” and “The Ended World,” and “The Violin Girl.”

A group of short stories which question what being human truly means. Through the eyes of a character in a novel, a metal soldier, a painting, a group of mannequins, the forest, a wolf boy, a creation lost in an ended world, and a living instrument, humans and their never-ending trials with friendship, acceptance, love, and survival come into the forefront. What will you think when at the heart of every creature, the love and hate for humanity grows?

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