Alone in A Room Full of People ch. 3 – An Avatar (Zuko x Katara) Fic

AU - After taking over the throne of the Fire Nation, Zuko spends his time among groups of advisers and servants. Despite every waking moment around people, Zuko still feels utterly alone. To repair relations with the Water Nation, Zuko invites the only person he knows to join his council. Surprisingly, she heals much more than political relations.

“Belladonna,” a Short Story

Originally published (November 1, 2020) by Coffin Bell volume 3, issue no.4 Mythopoeia. My boyfriend’s name was Stephen. Stephen worked in a botanical lab where they frequently researched new and evolving plant life. When Stephen would come home, he filled his evenings with discussions on flowers. He adored beautiful things, flowers being one of his … Continue reading “Belladonna,” a Short Story

Silent Kisses ch. 5 – A Naruto (Sasuke x Hinata) Fic

Every conversation he had that day was rushing through his head in tandem. Words and faces were being swapped around, but no matter who was saying what, Sasuke cringed all the same. His mother was apparently friends with Sasuke 2.0, Hinata was in wedding pictures with Naruto, and Sakura had bought a basket of tomatoes. … Continue reading Silent Kisses ch. 5 – A Naruto (Sasuke x Hinata) Fic

“The Racist is Always Right,” a Short Story

Originally published (September 2016) in Geeky Press's Bad Jobs and Bullshit: It's Unlikely We'll Be Missed. I worked at a large chain department store in the southeast. We specialized in everything outdoors, from guns to swim trunks, which catered well to the caveman-like conspiracy theorists and government haters alike. He was an elderly man named … Continue reading “The Racist is Always Right,” a Short Story