Start Writing Today, Not Tomorrow

Why Put Off What You Can Do Now?

There is never enough time in the day. There is always so much to do: household chores, familial obligations, and work. Consequently, juggling all of these tasks leaves very little time for one’s self, much less for writing. Even if you do complete everything you want to complete, you’re too mentally drained to do anything productive. It’s very easy to stop and tell yourself, “I’ll write tomorrow,” but don’t give in. Start writing today.


Do your future-self a favor and start writing today.

This is something I have to tell myself almost every day. It doesn’t always work, of course, but when it does, it works. The way it works is pretty simple. You are at home, you just got off work, you’ve done some laundry, fixed dinner, and now you are hanging out on the couch both mentally and physically drained. You could just spend the rest of your evening playing around on your phone or playing video games, or you can start writing. Writing, though, is something you can do any time and it does require more of your precious mental energy.

You could very easily just say, “I can write some other time,” and while that’s true, it’s not ideal for your future-self. You may end up getting a flat tire tomorrow, or you could end up getting roped into a project at work that keeps you working longer. Regardless, maybe something happens tomorrow that causes you to actually need some kind of break. So, do your future-self a favor. Start writing today.

The more excuses you accept, the less likely you will be to finish your novel

The more excuses you accept, the more likely you’ll be to abandon your novel completely. Writing a novel and finishing said novel are all about habits. Writing every day is a necessary habit. Consequently, forming habits requires strict discipline. Barring any extenuating circumstances, there will be days you just have to force yourself to write. As a result, you will finish your novel.

Some days will be harder than others, but when you start writing and you keep writing, you’ll hit your goal of finishing your novel. Thank you so much for reading.



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