Every Writer Should Have a Blog

You’ve probably heard from your friends, family, or fellow writers, “Hey, you should start a blog!” and they are right! Every writer should have a blog! You should start a blog, but you may be asking yourself if it’s worth it. Well, it definitely is, and let’s talk about why.

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Word Counts, How Important Are They?

When I first integrated myself into the writing community, I found the obsession with word count to be so odd. NaNoWriMo? Based solely on word count. Writing sprints? Based on word count (most of the time). Genre? Has preferred word counts. Novels? Novellas? Short stories? Flash fiction? All based on word count.

Success is linked to word count, and I can see why. Almost every aspect of the writing and publishing process is linked to your work’s word count. I, personally, hate word counts. I feel like they are stifling to writers, though some people find them to be helpful and keep them motivated. Regardless of my opinions, though, word counts are important, and here is why:


How a Change of Scenery Can Help Your Writing

The original goal of this post was to discuss my time out in nature, because, let’s face it, this pasty gal doesn’t go out in the sun very often. However, the more I recount that time out in nature, in a new place, I recall how much more productive I was with my writing. I was surrounded by the buzzing of life, the shock of green in an untouched forest, and the damp, heat of the Alabama weather. As a result, I found that my writing was matching my surroundings. It was intense, fresh, and new. While I still will be discussing my time out in nature, I want to focus on how a change of scenery can help your writing.


The Difference Between Discipline and Stunting Yourself as a Writer

When my whole life has revolved around one, one project for more than a month or two, I go into a type of cruise control. I zone out and just go through the same motions every day. I would absolutely kill to write something else, but as a writer I have always heard that if you stop at any point during a large project, you can hang up finishing it. Chances are you’ll never get back to working on your project because you’ll be too busy working on something else, losing all discipline.


First Rejection Letter of 2019

Not many people would be excited about receiving a rejection letter, and I’m thrilled that my work has been rejected. However, I am sure there are plenty of you out there who are also receiving your first rejection letter of 2019. While this isn’t fun, I do want to congratulate everyone who has received a rejection letter this year. Whether it be your first or your 50th, the fact that you submitted at all is a wonderful achievement.


6 Ways to Make Your Characters Pack an Emotional Punch

I’m reading a book right now that is making me feel things. This, from a writer’s perspective, is an awesome accomplishment. The author has created characters that make me hurt. As a result, he has put me in scenarios that scare me, all despite it being based in a fantasy world. Even so, it moves me and carries real world weight for me as a reader. How cool is that? I wanted to take a moment and figure out what made this character real to me: