Holiday Writer Haul


My writer pen box with a Hemingway quote. It was a gift to myself, and I couldn’t have bought a better gift for myself. I also bought a 2DS, but I like to pretend I’m too mature for such things (I’m not).


We had secret Santa at work, and my secret Santa got me one of the sweetest gifts. As you can see, there are plenty of pens and notebooks, but the mini-composition notebooks were my favorite. Why? Her explanation was this:

If you were to ever get struck with inspiration I wanted you to be able to whip out those little books and jot it down without having to mess up one of your nice journals.

So sweet.


THE sweetest gift I ever received, which is a box covered in pictures of me and my best friend, who I haven’t seen in months. It was filled with domo items, which I also loved, but the box was my favorite part. The best gift I received that night.


From my grandmother, an entire basket full of soaps, a bath robe, coffee, and hair stuffs. It was called a “writer care package.” I’m just happy I won’t have to spend so much money on that stuff for a long, long, long time.


A new purse with a matching wallet and tumbler, which I desperately needed. It’s big enough to put all of my notebooks in and still have room for all my daily knick-knacks. Perfect!

I also received,

  • A trash can
  • A real Italian leather journal
  • A bed
  • A blanket for my bed
  • Monies and gift cards

I have to say this was the most practical Christmas I’ve ever had, and I think it was my favorite, too. It was nice to be around my families and to see all the kids get excited over new toys and games. It was refreshing. What did you all get for Christmas? Any epic writer gifts you can’t wait to start using? Let me know, and comment below!

Thanks for reading.


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