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This is technically a repost, but the old content was so useless (in my opinion), that there was no point in editing it or using it in any capacity. Instead, I want to pose a question, and maybe explore how some of the different tools we use to write change the way we write. Maybe multiple mediums can be used in tandem and how that, too, changes the way we write.

The questions I want to pose are: What do you use to write? What do you use to edit?

My answer: A lot. I write with pen and paper, as well as Word on my laptop. I used to be really big into Scrivener, but I find it’s best for editing and formatting. Plus, the hype died for it, so I fell off that train. I guess I just use whatever I feel like when the mood hits. I find I use pen and paper for poetry more than prose. I guess because poetry tends to be shorthand, so it’s just a quick way to get everything down without having to sit and spend a bit of time at the computer.

Another question I’ve always wanted to ask is how many of you write poetry? During my time in undergrad, I found that there were a lot more poets than I initially thought. Poetry doesn’t seem as accessible as prose, so I didn’t feel that poets were as common as they are. I’d really like to know what mediums poets use, specifically, but prose is always welcome.

Let’s start a discussion. I’m really interested in what mediums are out there that I haven’t even heard of. Maybe there are ways of using a medium that I haven’t even thought of. Share any of your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Mediums

  1. I agree that using multiple mediums can add to the way we write. I am an editor and depending on what is being edited, I really like using the old-fashioned editing symbols in green pen on paper. (Although not all of my clients agree and they get to choose.) I feel like I can get a better big-picture view with something printed out or hand-written in front of me. Poetry can sometimes be as much about the way it looks as a whole as it is about the words on the page. The most helpful thing I’ve learned regarding writing mediums is to consider the medium used to read your work. Blogs are typically read on a computer, so it makes sense to type them on a computer. Books are read on computers or in print so multiple-mediums should be considered. The same is true for poetry. Good luck as you discover what works the best for you!

  2. I’m a poet and I write poems on my phone in google docs.

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