The Big Question: “Why?”


Once again, I’m back with another repost/rewrite/thing. When I wrote this original post, I made it a point to say I was writing for others. I was writing for this selfless reason that made me look like such a giving, thoughtful artist. Yeah, that definitely wasn’t the case then, and it definitely isn’t the case now. I have, and always will, write for myself.

When I decided I was finally going to pursue writing and publishing as a serious endeavor, I sought out as much advice as I possibly could from anyone that seemed even remotely more experienced than me. Don’t get me wrong, I picked up a lot of really great advice along the way, but I also heard a lot of bad. One person I knew, who was writing and posting  his work publicly to FaceBook, was one of those people I sought advice from. I admired his voice and the style of his writing, as well as his confidence (which I had absolutely none of), so, naturally, I asked him for some advice. His advice?

You should always write for your audience. Always write for someone else. Writing for yourself is fun and all, but it doesn’t sell. You won’t go anywhere if you’re not writing for somebody else. Don’t write unless you have a purpose.

I took that to heart back then and did my best to focus on others, rather than myself. He’s not entirely wrong, though. You do have to consider audience when writing as that determines the genre, who will most likely read it, etc. But others shouldn’t dictate why you write. You don’t have to have some great purpose in your writing. There should be plot and structure, yes, but you shouldn’t be forced to write because of some underlying reason.

Sure, if you do, do it. Go for it. Fulfill that purpose to the ends of the earth. More power to you, but I’m not going to pretend that I am writing for anyone or anything. I am not writing for my dad, my brother, my sister, the president, Bradley Cooper, etc. I am writing for me. I like to write. If what I write sounds like hot, steamy garbage, who cares? If it never gets published? Oh well. If I post this repost and not a single person sees it, meh. I am writing for me. It’s cathartic, it’s fun, it’s something I’ve done and crafted for so long just because I wanted to be a better writer.

I write for myself. Don’t be ashamed if you do, too.

Thanks for reading.



Everyone Can Be a Writer, but…

Maybe I should’ve minded my own business, and I’ve probably “fed the troll,” so to speak. But I just have to share this, because this is something everyone needs to know. There is one thing to be honest, there is another to be cruel, and I believe this to be cruel. Rather than critiquing the work in a constructive way, this person went so far as to attack the individual who asked for a review.

It could be that I’m just tired, as it is nearing midnight where I am, but this has me angrier than I can manage. Everyone has the opportunity to be a writer. Everyone! It can be anyone and everyone’s dream, and the boards I am a part of help to better young writers who wish to follow their dreams. Why would anyone crush them like this? Yes, it’s hard to be a writer. Yes, this person had problems with capitalization and general grammar, but that doesn’t mean you completely crush them and tell them they can never be a writer. No. No. I will not stand for it.

All of you reading this tonight, whether you share it or not, you CAN be a writer. Write every single day. Even if you don’t write as well as Stephen King or Jane Austen, keep going, because practice will make you better, and you will be a writer because you know what a writer does? A writer WRITES! Now, good night everyone.

Happy reading.
Happy writing.



I put that post on tumblr a couple of weeks ago, and while I still believe that “as long as you write, you are a writer,” I must amend it a bit and say: Everyone can be a writer, but not everyone can be good writers. Just a small clarification, but my opinions still stand when it comes to working in critique groups or reviewing other people’s work.  Just my two cents for the day. What are your opinions on the matter? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know, and comment below.

Thanks for reading.


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My Inspirational Music

If a picture speaks 1,000 words, then a song speaks 1 million, at least for me anyway. I think every writer has their own special playlists, which they use solely when they write. I would like to dedicate a post specifically to my playlists.


There will be links on each song title, so click the name and it will take you to a video on YouTube. I hope you enjoy! My favorites will have a “*” beside them (these tend to be relatively slow songs). Since YT is constantly changing, if a song doesn’t work please let me know. I’ll try to update the link.

Yes, I love Hollywood Undead. I own all of their albums (ALL OF THEM), and I saw them live this year. They are no doubt my favorite group, obviously, but they are not for everyone. As you can see, most of their songs are HIGHLY inappropriate. I wouldn’t recommend them to everyone, but I enjoy them. For those of you who are into HU, I am not a part of the Deuce versus HU war. I like them both.

Anyway, do you have a playlist? What are some of your songs? Did you like any of mine? Which ones? Please let me know!

Thanks for reading!